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Let It Snow? Enough Is Enough!: Winter Water Damage

February 16th, 2014 · No Comments

So far this winter, Rochester, Minnesota, has been hit by not one, but two Polar Vortex express trains of Canadian Arctic Air. If that isn’t enough to make a person start looking at photos of the tropics and dream, the area has also been hit with wet heavy snow that has packed itself onto our highways, sidewalks and rooftops. That combination of cold, heavy snow and high winds can spell disaster for your home in the form of leaking roofs from ice dams and heavy snow pack. When that mix gets warmed by your house, it can melt and find its way inside. At a time like that, you need to call in a professional experienced in containing water damage, restoration and mold prevention. In Rochester, Minnesota, that water restoration professional is ServiceMaster of Rochester.

Water damage is a problem to deal with any time of the year, but when it’s below zero day after day and snow is being blown around in white-out conditions by gale force winds, water damage can change from a big inconvenience to a near crises. The best treatment for snow and ice related water damage is prevention. Make sure your house is winter-ready from bottom to top, and from furnace to frosty roof. That begins by looking for telltale signs of potential water damage around the house.

Have you noticed any of these?
• An unusual number and size of icicles
• Watermarks from the ceiling down a wall
• Dark area on ceiling near corners
• Water stain below windows
• Water marks on siding below soffits
If you see any of these signs it is quite possible you have hidden water leaking into your house. Of course, in cases of large ice related leaks or burst pipes the damage will be obvious.

Preventing ice and snow related roof leaks and the resulting water damage involves these basic steps:
• Make sure gutters are clear of debris before the snow season begins.
• Have a water barrier under the first 3-4 feet of the shingles.
• Check to be sure you have adequate insulation in the attic. A minimum of 10 inches is recommended.
• Keep vents clear in the attic.
• Make sure the attic is adequately ventilated
• When possible, have deep snow removed from the last few feet of the roof. This is dangerous work best left to a professional

Should you experience winter water damage from ice, snow or any source, repair the source, remove the water and restore any damage. Left unattended, water damage will get worse and may result in mold growth. The best action is quick action.

To get water damage handled correctly and your home restored as quickly and effectively as possible, contact ServiceMaster of Rochester. We’re experts in dealing with all types of water damage and restoration. Our number one priority is to do everything we can to get your life back on track and help you prevent future damage. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep your water damage from becoming a water crisis.

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