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Check Your Smoke Detectors to Protect Your Rochester Home from Fire Damage

October 11th, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster of Rochester recommends checking your smoke detectors every time you change your clocks for Daylight Saving Time.

Here in Rochester, MN, the days are getting shorter. As we begin November we leave daylight saving time behind, and the days will seem shorter yet. The end of daylight savings serves as a good reminder to check your smoke alarms and change the batteries, plus take care of some other things too.

What should your autumn checklist include to keep your home safe and clean for the coming winter? For starters, checking the furnace, looking for drafts around windows and doors, and giving the house a good cleaning.

Having the furnace checked now by a professional could keep you from shivering through a subzero January night should your furnace fail. A complete inspection will also detect problems from minor issues that cause the furnace to work at less than peak efficiency to a life threatening carbon monoxide leak. Autumn is also a good time to stock up on furnace filters. Changing the filter regularly will not only help save on heating bills but it will keep your furnace from re-circulating dusty air.

You will go into winter in a much better mood if the house has gotten a good floor to ceiling cleaning. With the house closed up through our long Rochester, MN winter, any dust or dirt left behind from having the windows open from spring through early autumn will be trapped inside to float around in the air or hide in the carpets until spring. Consider getting a professional carpet cleaning in your Rochester, MN home to make your hibernation a little more bearable.

Autumn in Rochester is a beautiful time of the year. You want to spend as much time as possible outdoors before winter sets in. Instead of spending that precious time cleaning, have your house cleaned by a cleaning professional. They not only give you the gift of a clean house, but they can give you the gift of time.

When you call on a good cleaning professional like ServiceMaster of Rochester, you can be sure we will clean areas in your home you may not have even thought of. It’s our business to pay attention to the details. From carpets to tile, hardwood, drapes and walls, we make homes clean, fresh, and winter ready. Wouldn’t it be great to head into winter with clean baseboards, window trim, tile and grout? Our cleaning crews will seek out and clean neglected dark corners and hidden cob webs, leaving your home a place to be proud of.

Our carpet cleaning technicians are the best in the business. Our specialized equipment and cleaning products clean deep down to the root of carpet cleaning problems. We are able to extract dirt and grit that has worked its way deep into carpet fibers. A thorough cleaning now leaves your carpets ready to take on the worst winter has to give.

In Rochester, MN, the professional to call is ServiceMaster of Rochester. To us, cleaning is more than just a business. It’s how we make lives better by giving our customers a clean healthy home and time to enjoy the great things our community has to offer.

Whenever you have any cleaning or disaster recovery need, contact us at ServiceMaster of Rochester. We’re your cleaning experts.

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