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Fire Safety Tips for Deep Fried Turkey Preparation on Thanksgiving

November 20th, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster of Rochester provides some advice for a safe and fire-free Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and new recipes for cooking turkey are surfacing everywhere. The idea of deep frying the holiday bird originated in the south, but has recently grown in popularity throughout the U.S. Though a deep fried turkey may sound like a delicious delicacy, it also has huge potential to be a cooking safety hazard. This cooking method could easily cause a house fire even with the most experienced cooks. At ServiceMaster of Rochester, we can help you with any fire damage restoration needs in Rochester, MN and the surrounding areas, but we would also like to help prevent a house fire in your home this Thanksgiving.

To lower risk of a house fire on Thanksgiving, you can try one of the many alternative cooking methods for this year’s bird.

Even though braising your turkey might take stuffing the whole bird out of the picture, it’s a great way to keep the moisture and tenderness of the meat through the cooking process. This is the safest way to cook a turkey, and the easiest method to prevent house fires.

Grilling your turkey sounds a bit ludicrous, especially in a Minnesotan November, but using the grill outside frees up lots of oven space for delicious side dishes. Grilling is less precise than the oven, so make sure to keep an eye on your bird while cooking.

One way to add unique flavor is by smoking your turkey. If you don’t have a wood smoker, there are ways of indirectly smoking your bird to get a similar taste effect. Smoking your bird keeps it away from your home and house fires at a low.

This cooking method might sound strange, but propping your turkey on a beer can while it cooks adds flavor and moisture. Simply push a 24 or 32 oz can into the cavity of your bird—you can also add herbs or other flavor—and prop it upright on indirect heat. The grill works best for this method.

Even though it might sound appealing to try a deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving this year, it’s one of the most dangerous cooking methods out there. Keep your home safe and lower the risk of house fire, and remember that ServiceMaster of Rochester provides all your fire damage restoration needs in Rochester, MN. Call us for fire restoration emergencies.

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