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When You Smell These Odors, You Might Need Carpet Cleaning Services

February 4th, 2015 · No Comments

Have you ever been sitting in your living room when suddenly a bad smell starts to creep up, and you realize it’s coming from your carpet? Carpet odors can appear out of the blue for a number of reasons. If your carpet has an offensive odor, call ServiceMaster of Rochester. We will remove those nasty smells with our thorough carpet cleaning services in Rochester, MN.

The most common causes of carpets odors come from one or more of these sources:

Mildew smells can be extremely difficult to get rid of once they are introduced to your carpets. Mildew is usually caused by an excess of water in your carpets or constantly high humidity in your home.

Pet odors are the biggest cause of woes for carpets, since pets can quietly and secretly release their destruction. Urine and feces are the obvious odor causes, but pet hair and dander can cause carpet odors if it’s allowed to accumulate.

Tobacco smoke sinks into soft materials like hair, clothing, and yes, carpets. It can be impossible to vacuum out and even steam clean. That’s why our industrial carpet cleaning equipment is perfect for the job.

Dirt and motor oil is less suspect in most homes, but can actually be introduced to your carpet fairly often. Motor oil is easy to spot, but ambiguous kinds of dirt can build up over time and leave strange odors.

Beer and alcohol can stain your carpet as well as leave a less than desirable odor. If your carpet starts to smell like a hospital, it could be a sign there are remnants of alcohol in your carpet.

Food and grease is also a common odor-causer since it’s present in everyone’s home. We all have to eat, but we don’t all have to have smelly carpets.

We can remove all of these odors and what caused them and revive your carpeting with a thorough deep cleansing. Call ServiceMaster of Rochester for our carpet cleaning services today!

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