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3 Substances That Need to Be Cleaned Up After a House Fire

March 30th, 2015 · 1 Comment

When cavemen discovered fire, they probably didn’t foresee the mess that a house fire can leave behind. Though a relatively isolated disaster, a house fire can destroy a home and be incredibly traumatic for a family. At ServiceMaster of Rochester, we believe that no one should be without help after their home is victim to a fire. We provide emergency fire damage restoration services in Rochester, MN and we’re on call to restore a home 24/7.

While there is often a large amount of restoration needed for the obviously damaged parts of a home and the family’s belongings, there is another reason why thorough fire damage restoration is so important. Fires always leave behind a mess of nasty residues that range from a smelly annoyance to a highly flammable danger.

Protein Residue: These fire remnants are often the least harmful to your home’s structural integrity. Protein residues are what gets left behind when food, wood, and other organic materials are burned. Often, they will continue giving off unsavory odors long after the greater fire damage has been cleaned up. Some protein residues can even be health hazards, contaminating the air with carcinogens.

Wet Smoke Residue: These residues, left behind after a house fire is doused, are also some of the less harmful of the filthy deposits left behind from the fire. However, even though they aren’t as volatile as other kinds of smoke residue, they are highly acidic and corrosive materials. Wet smoke residue can permanently stain paint, wallpaper, fabric, and ceramics.

Soot Residue and Dry Smoke Residue: Soot and smoke residue is a common side effect of any combustion, be it from a house fire or simply a wood stove. Even though it seems more commonplace, soot and dry smoke residue are incredibly dangerous because they are so flammable and corrosive.

If your home has been victim to a house fire, professional restoration is vital to remove these destructive and toxic fire residues. Contact ServiceMaster of Rochester for fire damage restoration services in Rochester, MN.

You can also learn more about house fires and fire safety at the National Fire Protection Association’s website.

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One response to “3 Substances That Need to Be Cleaned Up After a House Fire”

  1. This article has some great truths, one of those being that a fire really can destroy many things. Doing what we can and receiving help to clean up after a fire are crucial steps. I remember the lingering smell in a friend’s home after a part of it caught on fire, and I believe it could have been reduced had these steps in cleaning up been taken. I hope all people reading this article will remember this and take the necessary steps.

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