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How ServiceMaster of Rochester Goes Above and Beyond for your Commercial Floor Cleaning

September 22nd, 2015 · No Comments

When it comes to commercial floor cleaning in Rochester, Minnesota, you’ve got a lot of choices. Sometimes it’s hard to decipher which companies are prepared to tackle your toughest jobs, and which commercial floor cleaning companies will only give you a glorified mop job. ServiceMaster of Rochester consistently goes above and beyond with their commercial floor care, and here’s how:

Superior Cleaning and Shining

Your hard surface floors see a lot of traffic in your Rochester commercial building. That’s why an average cleaning job won’t suffice. You need superior cleaning with the industry’s most advanced methods, and that’s what ServiceMaster of Rochester will give you. Even old and heavily trafficked floors can look new again with ServiceMaster of Rochester’s commercial floor cleaning process. Dirt, grime, and even small scratches are no match for the superior floor cleaning of ServiceMaster of Rochester.

Enhanced Slip Resistance

Your commercial building is busy. Whether it’s your employees or your customers walking on them, slippery floors are no one’s friend. To continue a productive business, slip resistance is key. As part of the commercial floor cleaning process, ServiceMaster of Rochester will provide excellent slip resistance for your floors, so you can worry less about slipping and sliding and more about running your business. Slip resistance is just one more way that ServiceMaster of Rochester does more than just clean your commercial floors.

Coating to Reduce Future Wear

ServiceMaster of Rochester doesn’t just provide excellent commercial floor cleaning— they protect your floors for the future. Special coating is used on your commercial floors to prevent future wear and tear, keeping your floors cleaner for longer. Reduced future wear is just one of the ways that ServiceMaster of Rochester goes above and beyond for you and your commercial floor care.

If you want a company that does more than just clean your commercial floors, call ServiceMaster of Rochester today for commercial floor care that goes above and beyond!



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