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ServiceMaster of Rochester Can Help You Repair and Restore Your Valuables After Water And Smoke Damage with Specialty Restoration Services

November 13th, 2015 · No Comments

Floods, storms, and fires can cause devastating damage to priceless antiques and fine arts in your Rochester, MN home. If there is severe damage to your precious belongings due to water or smoke damage, ServiceMaster of Rochester can provide pack-out services.

Pack-out services provide packing, transport, and storage to keep your valuables safe during the specialty restoration process. Also, ServiceMaster of Rochester, MN offers complete restoration of fine arts and antiques in the event of water or smoke damage.

You might be wondering if your damaged antique furniture can be properly and adequately restored. Whenever wood furniture has been exposed to water damage for a long time, it may not be salvageable due to deterioration and mold. If the furniture comes into contact with dirty or contaminated water, it could be almost impossible to restore. Therefore, cleaning and drying the furniture is a very important part of the restoration process. If wood furniture dries out too fast in the restoration process, or is exposed to extremely high temperatures, it can become distorted and crack.

However, every situation is different, and that is why you need to call the restoration professionals at ServiceMaster of Rochester to employ their specialty restoration services. Naturally, antiques are extremely expensive to restore, but they are very difficult and almost impossible to replace.

ServiceMaster of Rochester feels very strongly about their restoration vs. replacement phase. All property is restored to a pre-loss condition when possible. Some items just cannot be restored. Unfortunately, some items may cost more to restore than they are actually worth. ServiceMaster of Rochester will advise you and your insurance claim representative, and explain the limits of what professional restorers can do.

Smoke damage is also incredibly devastating to furniture and materials. It is not easy to salvage antique collections subjected to smoke damage. Here are a few restoration tips to salvage antiques due to smoke damage:

  • Clean wood furniture with cotton swabs wetted with mineral spirits. Next, buff the wood with diapers or a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Bronze items should be cleaned with cotton swabs using a mild soap and a distilled water solution. Then immediately buff dry with diapers.
  • Silver and glass objects need to be washed in warm water and a mild soap. Silver should be rinsed thoroughly with water and ethyl alcohol. The alcohol will allow the object to dry faster and prevent any moisture from getting in crevices. Any type of silver piece with plaster should not get wet.
  • For glass items, be careful not to loosen previous repairs.

If your life is ever impacted by water damage or smoke damage, contact ServiceMaster of Rochester today to learn more about our specialty restoration services to restore your valuable antiques and fine art in Rochester, MN.

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