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ServiceMaster of Rochester Provides Wood Floor Cleaning in Rochester, MN

June 19th, 2016 · No Comments

Keeping your hardwood floors clean and safe during the summer months in Rochester, MN, can be a challenge. ServiceMaster of Rochester offers quality wood floor cleaning.

CleanLink states that humidity and moisture are the natural enemies of your hardwood floors. Of course, humidity levels and moisture are always elevated in any home or office building during the summer.

Unfortunately, excess moisture can cause small gaps to form between the boards or along the walls. If this should happen, avoid using a dust mop because it can just push dirt and debris back into the gaps. A better choice would be to vacuum the entire floor.

Humidity can cause buckling. This happens when the floor pulls away from the subfloor.

“Cupping or “crowning” also happens quite often to floorboards due to high levels of humidity. The definition of cupping is when the edges of the floorboard are much higher than the center of the board. Crowning is just the opposite: the center area of the floor tends to be higher than the edges of the board. Basically, what’s happening is the floor is swelling.

ServiceMaster of Rochester is always available to provide wood floor cleaning in your home or business. ServiceMaster offers the ServiceMaster WoodGlo System, which consists of deep cleaning and then either restoring the floor to a light sheen or providing a sturdier finish that will protect the floor and add a glossy sheen.

In addition to investing in ServiceMaster’s quality wood floor cleaning services, there are a few simple tips that home or business owners can practice to maintain the life of their wood floors:

  • Vacuum instead of using a dust mop
  • Install mats at all entryways to wood flooring
  • Clean floors using a recommended wood floor cleaning product
  • Never use a damp mop on a wood floor
  • Buff wood floors regularly

Cleaning and maintaining the life of wood flooring in the summer months can be challenging. However, ServiceMaster of Rochester is ready to tackle the task.

Don’t delay; call ServiceMaster of Rochester today at 507-282-5747 to learn more about wood floor cleaning for your home or office building.

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