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Don’t Let Clogged Rain Gutters and Downspouts Wash Away Your Best Laid Plans by Causing the Need for Water Damage Restoration Services From ServiceMaster of Rochester in Stewartville, MN

December 21st, 2017 · No Comments

Beautiful fall colors, cooler days, and falling leaves are all signs of the fall season. While some may enjoy the upcoming season of winter in the upper Midwest, the cold and ice can cause problems and wreak havoc on your home or business if those beautiful leaves get in the way.

But don’t stress. ServiceMaster of Rochester stands ready and available to offer water damage restoration services in the Stewartville, MN area in the event you experience water damage to your home or business. Don’t let clogged rain gutters and downspouts wash away your best laid plans with water damage restoration services from ServiceMaster of Rochester.

One of the main causes of water damage to buildings is clogged rain gutters and downspouts. ServiceMaster of Rochester suggests you follow a few simple steps during the fall season to help prevent water damage to your home or business:

  1. Clean rain gutters and check downspouts, especially in the fall when leaves are falling.
  2. Ensure birds or other animals are not nesting in the rain gutters.
  3. Check downspouts and make sure they’re pointing away from the foundation and not emptying into a low-lying area which allows the water to seep back into the building.
  4. Make sure rain gutters and downspouts are install properly, and inspect them at least once-per-year for cracks and leaks.
  5. If rain gutters are not working properly, the excess water and inadequate draining can cause ice dams on your roof which, in turn, can damage your ceilings and walls.
  6. If you’re unable to check and clean the rain gutters and downspouts yourself, contact a professional who can do the job for you.

While you may have worked hard over the last several weeks to get your property, home, or business ready for the upcoming winter months, even the best intentions can be washed away due to water damage. If you experience water damage and need water damage restoration services in Stewartville, MN, contact ServiceMaster of Rochester. Our trained and experienced staff have the knowledge, equipment, and products quickly available to help you get back to normal. We provide emergency services, reinstallation and cleaning, and, if required, structural repairs through our list of qualified personnel or subcontractors.

If your Stewartville, MN, home has suffered water damage, contact ServiceMaster of Rochester at (507) 282-5747.

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