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Beware of Ice Dams in Plainview MN

March 7th, 2019 · No Comments

Welcome to Spring!  Everyone is happy now that warmer temperatures are upon us.  However, warmer temperatures and large amounts of snow on roofs lead to ice dams.  So beware of ice dams in Plainview MN and the surrounding areas as winter ends.

“What is an ice dam?”  Ice dams are caused by snow melting on a homes roof during the day.  Then, melted snow freezes at night near the lower edge of the roof.  Day after day this melted snow builds a layer of ice. The ice can be one inch thick to a foot thick depending on the roof slope.  This ice then acts as a “dam” that continues to collect water during the day that freezes into more ice at night.  As the ice layer expands it raises shingles in roof valleys and on the roof itself.  Once the ice is under the shingles and begins to melt it enters the attic, ceiling, or wall of the house as water causing water damage.  This is the time to call a professional water damage restoration company like ServiceMaster of Rochester.  Many people are not even aware of ice dams or the damage they may cause.

The University of Minnesota Extension Service has a great article on “Dealing with and Preventing Ice Dams”.  There are a few simple steps to ensure that ice dams don’t cause unnecessary damage to your home.

  1.  Walk around the outside of your home to look for ice dams.  An indication of ice dams is large icicles hanging down from the eaves especially in valleys and on the side of the house not exposed to the sun.
  2. If snow has accumulated on the roof, purchase a roof rake at one of many home improvement or hardware stores.
  3. Using the roof rake, remove snow 3-4 feet from the edge of your roof all the way around your home.
  4. If ice has already formed, you may need to hire a qualified roofing contractor for ice removal.
  5. When water enters the home, you may or may not see visible signs immediately.  If you start to smell odors that are not common or see staining on ceilings or walls, that is the time to call a professional water damage restoration expert to meter your walls and ceilings to determine the path of the water and assist you in drying the structure.

Do not wait to mitigate water damage from ice dams.  ServiceMaster of Rochester has professional, IICRC Certified technicians to assist you when ice dams are a problem for your family.  Contact us today by calling (507)282-5747 or searching ServiceMaster of Rochester.

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