ServiceMaster of Rochester

Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Rochester, MN

According to a recent study done by Ceramic Tile and Stone Consultants (CTASC), hard-surface floor sales like ceramic tile, hardwood, and natural stone made up 48.5 percent of total flooring sales and 44.5 percent of total square foot sales. ServiceMaster of Rochester has introduced the new WoodGlo™ System to the Rochester, Minnesota residential market. This system will allow ServiceMaster of Rochester's trained technicians to deep clean not only carpet and tile but also wood floors. As more and more consumers invest in hardwood floors, ServiceMaster of Rochester is investing in and providing more care options. Properly maintaining wood floors will help homeowners (and business owners) make the most of their investment.

The ServiceMaster WoodGlo™ System offers two levels of cleaning and protection to hardwood floors. Both services start with a deep cleaning that uses a special machine to quickly spray water and cleaning solution onto the floor that is quickly pulled up from the floor bringing any ground-in dirt with it. It's the ground-in dirt that often impacts the sheen of the floor and has the potential to cause permanent damage to the floor. After the deep cleaning, ServiceMaster's WoodGlo system can either restore a light sheen to the floor or a sturdier finish that will protect the floor and add a glossy sheen.

It is very important that owners of wood floors need to understand that regular sweeping and dusting is important but that wood floors, like carpet, can greatly benefit from periodic intensive wood floor cleaning. ServiceMaster of Rochester's WoodGlo™ System will help extend the life of floors by removing light scratches and the ground-in dirt that can cause damage. Contact ServiceMaster of Rochester today!